Best IDE for OSX?

I was looking at Jetbrains as an alternative to Xcode but was wondering if people had suggestions for a good C++ IDE for Mac?

Xcode is ok so far but feels a bit clumsy(due to my inexperience I am sure), previously I had mainly used Monodevelop for Unity projects which despite some people hating seemed fairly straightforward to me. Curious what some recommendations might be, thanks!

For OS X, it doesn’t really get much better than Xcode. You could potentially jury rig VS2013 in a virtual machine, but really at that point you may as well use bootcamp.

XCode really is the only way to go, and you’re right it is a beast. It’s more archaic than Visual Studio. Feel free to post any questions here or PM me, I’ve used XCode for years.

Thanks for the feedback, I guess I will really dig in and learn XCode then, just wanted to make sure it was “the” choice I should be investing my time in.

I maintain a love/hate relationship with XCode. It’s been more love since I started using XVim (GitHub - XVimProject/XVim: Xcode plugin for Vim keybindings). I think once you get the hang of it you’ll like it; I’ve certainly come around to it for UE4, although I still drop into iterm/vim sometimes if I’m not going to be building for a little while.

There is this article on using Jetbrains CLion with Unreal Setting up Unreal Engine 4 CMake environment for CLion – Let's try Unreal haven’t tried myself and doesn’t look like a simple setup.

My favorite IDE is Codelobster

Visual Studio Code for Mac is working great with 4.18 :slight_smile: