Best GPU for Unreal? (Nvidia / AMD)

Nvidia graphics card were usually faster than AMD, possibly until now. With the new AMD cards, things can be different, and I was wondering which one is the best to work with unreal.
It seems that AMD 6000 cards can be faster and with more memory for the price compared to the Nvidia GeForce 3000 series. Of course, I am not considering cards which costs 2k or more like the newest quadro available.

The question is: with the Nvidia studio drivers made to work better with some SW including Unreal, are they going to be the best choice anyway?

Impossible to know for sure until people benchmark them. I wouldn’t assume AMDs are faster without 3rd party numbers. A few considerations:

More vram is always nice, it’s definitely possible to run out while working on a project.

DXR/Raytracing performance might be be its own performance consideration. Even if you aren’t using raytracing in your projects, GPUlightmass uses DXR and baking lighting can be a bottleneck.

There’s also Nvidia’s branches of features that are exclusive to their GPUs, particularly DLSS2.0.

Most game UE4 game developers are running Nvidia GPUs, so you’re *probably *less likely to run into bad drivers or vendor specific bugs

Hi. Currently NVIDIA’s graphic cards are preferred for 3D-related work, because of RT-cores and CUDA-cores.

For example in Unreal you can’t use Gpulightmass feature without RTX-card.

I have the nvidia 2070 and the bottleneck is my CPU, I think you’ll be happy with any card. If you’re really stressing out the capabilities there are a lot of options in the editor to optimize viewing quality.

GPULightmass requires DXR, which AMD is supporting with their new cards.

None of the features in UE4 are vendor specific, it’s just that AMD did not support DXR (DirectX Raytracing) until now.

But there’re plenty of other 3d-software that utilizes RT- and CUDA-cores.
In general, NVIDIA gpus are recommended for 3d-related work.

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Who recommends it and what does “3d-related work” mean? If it is offline rendering you refer to then AMD is just as capable or even more so for the price than Nvidia.


All mainstream 3d-software utilizes Nvidia’s RT- and CUDA-cores. Believe me, RT-cores are essential for working with 3d software nowadays.
But not all mainstream 3d-software utilizes AMD’s rdna.

Personally, I am AMD’s big fan, I love their CPUs, I love what they did to Intel.
But when it comes to GPUs, Nvidia GPUs are more practical currently. I hope AMD will become just as good in near future.

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Thanks for the opinions, considering the stock availability, I guess this will be a topic for the future anyway. :slight_smile:

That is interesting, maybe it is worth to invest in a CPU as much as with a GPU.

Welp, AMD’s GPUs seem to have terrible performance for raytracing, but perform about even otherwise.

Nvidia will be the better open for UE4 unless you NEED more vram above all else.