Best free tutorial series to learn Maya 2016?

I’m just starting to learn Unreal 4, but I decided to want to start using my own models instead of downloading placeholders. I’m aiming to learn Maya 2016. But I really don’t know which tutorial series on youtube to follow. Too much choices that I’m stuck I guess. I need recommendation from you guys. Is there any beginner friendly Maya tutorial that’s specificy on using with Unreal 4 or at least game development? I need them to be free of course, I tried looking for recommendations elsewhere and all of them seems to point me to website that requires subscrition free and as a struggling student that is really out of question.
I recommend “Blender” for 3D modeling and “YouTube” tutorials, because it’s free!

You can export files to and from UE4 and other software too.

Ah I just spent all afternoon deciding between Maya and Blender and now you’re tempting me with Blender lol. I chose Maya because apparently its easier for job opportunities since Maya is being used more in the industry.

If you chose Maya for future employment opportunities, take the time to learn Maya. Whether you learn Maya or Blender you’ll still need to ‘learn’ a 3D platform.

Visit Youtube and you’ll find plenty of tutorials for both Maya and Blender.

BTW, the good people at Autodesk owns the .fbx file format. This is the format needed for any 3D development. Both Maya and Blender has .fbx support BUT Maya has better support for it.

Yeah but I’m also planning to use Maya with Unreal 4. Is there any tutorial that teaches you to use Maya for Unreal 4/game development?

if you want to learn maya then this is where to go
and this will help you start with ue4
and this will help you learn the ue4 rigging plugin