Best Free City building tool or tutorial?

Hello, I am newbie game developer and trying to learn unreal engine for couple of months now. I want to make an urban game. To do that I need to build to a city consists of many different types of buildings. Actually I want to create a 3d city almost exactly like a real world city in unreal engine 4(priority) or blender.

So here are my requirements for the software/tool-

  1. Helps to make different types of building easily so I can use those buildings in my game as static mesh.

  2. (not necessary but this will really help me a lot) Can import building models from google earth or google map to the software or blender or ue4.

  1. b) Is there any other software other than sketchup which can import 3d buildings from google earth? I didn’t find any blender plugin that can.

3) Free, because I won’t be able to buy, at least not soon enough.

  1. Must be standalone, or blender plugin/tool. If standalone, must be able to export to Blender(or other free 3d software) and Unreal engine 4.

  2. (not necessary but will be better) helps to make different shapes of roads

  3. (not necessary but will be better) helps to make realistic terrain and/or trees.

  4. tutorials- If you can guide me to a tutorial about easily making different buildings that can help too.

So here is what I found so far

skyscraper- I could not find any youtube tutorials for it, is it not popular?
blended cities- it doesn’t seem good enough :expressionless: maybe because of insufficient tutorials?

city engine and suicidator city generator- both are paid software. only trial versions are available, and I don’t want to use trial versions because of license issues.

ghosttown and building generator- both are plugins for 3ds max and I can not afford 3ds max or maya3d. and I don’t want to use them as student account because of license issues.

video copilot’s metropolitan, element 3d, jetstrike all seems awesome, blowed my gaming mind. But again they are not free :frowning: . Metropolitan has many style of buildings, textures, roads etc. You might consider it buying if you have money.

tutorials- here is a google sketchup tutorial where it is possible to create a city directly from google earth. But the problem is sketchup advanced is not free.

blender city tutorial- this and this are decent. but I want to if there is an even better way.

i liked videos like this

so, post anything helpful regarding this topic, any tips, any tutorials, any criticism. i just need to make a large city. :slight_smile: thanks in advance

I believe this could work for cities and their interiors, though I have yet to try it out myself.

As for roads, try the landscape spline tool.