Best folder stucture for a cinematic

hey guys

I know its prob personal preference but I am using UE4 for making cinematics, but quick question please, what is the best way to organise a project in UE4 please?
i.e once I am in my project and make a folder called my project for eg, would it then be best to have subfolders inside that please i.e materials, characters, props, maps etc and whats the best way to know I have successfully saved it please?

any good videos on folder structure please?

many thanks for any info :slight_smile:

is there a right and wrong way? or is it down to personal pref please?

I mean I am doing a test project at the moment, a short cinematic maybe of 30sec to 1min, so it will be a good learning curve. So I don’t know if best to have a certain structure like for eg folders like maps, characters, props, materials etc

any info would be awesome, thank you :slight_smile:

anyone give any advice please? surely there is someone who knows about this?

Check out some of the projects on the marketplace that are similar to what you want to do and learn how they set it up.

thank you. that’s a good idea, doh! should’ve thought of that lol
many thanks, will go and check out some examples! :slight_smile: