Best file format for Media Framework?

What is the best video and audio codecs for videos you want to use with Media Framework?

I know the documentation for Media Framework says the Windows plug-in currently doesn’t handle H.264 and .mp4 files really well, but its there a preferred format that works best on Windows?

Media Framework documentation is here: Media Framework in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation


Hello there! the best format you can choose right now would be .wmv. in my experience ue4 can handle those videos pretty performant and i have had no issues with importing even big files.

Do you have any experience with using the Media Framework on OS X? I know OS X won’t decode WMV natively, but I’m not sure what other format to use there.

i use UE4 just on a windows machine so i cannot tell you about mac but you can export media files as wmv out of premiere pro even on mac so id suggest to give it a try :wink:

MP4 and MOV with H.264 encoding should work on Mac.

Thanks for the info.

H.264 encoding MP4

The Media Framework documentation says H.264 encoded .mp4 files have issues on Windows. I ended up using WMV files in a Windows game and they worked great. Never got a chance to test it out on OS X.

what settings are you using for WMV encoding?