Best engine for a 3d brawler?

Would it be possible to create a 3d brawler with the Unreal Engine or would a different engine be a much better choice? The reason why I am asking this question is for me to consider learning the engine so I can re master a particular game I enjoy and just make the graphics alot more beefy than they used to be. The game I am talking about in question is God Hand.

Would it be possible to remake all those animations that would include weaving and bobbing,back flips and tons of kick and punch anims like in the video? A nice detailed reply would be great.

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UE4 is great for that, for instance it is being used on the upcoming Street Fighter V and was used on Mortal Kombat X

Thanks for the reply. Street fighter and Mortal Kombat X are both 2.5d fighters rather than a 3d brawler as shown in the video. I am just uncertain if recreating most of the content shown in this video can be recreated with the UE4 engine would be the most appropriate for a 3d brawler rather than a 2.5d fighter.

The logic & creation of a game is nearly the same with a game whether it be 2.5D or 3D, except that the game would take a user defined yaw.

Ahhh I see. Thanks for the reply.