Best computer spec for event lighting visualizing in unreal

We are working on a new project to pre visualise the lighting for a large outdoor LED lighting show. We do not need full realism for this but to see the colour and brightness of the all the LED lights of whcin there will be several thousand controlled individually. We will control them with DMX via an event lighting console using the unreal DMX plugin. I am curious to know what your thoughts on GPU and CPU set up on this. I am currently looking at an i9 14 core CPU, RTX 3090 and 128GB of RAM to make this work. We are not streaming this out or connecting to in camera effects, its a standalone unit for us to preview what our lighting patterns will look like on the LEDs. We think unreal will be better than existing visualiser software on the market because we can customise the fixtures and layout anyway we want as the project develops. Should we look at RTX A6000 cards or two or more GPU cards? is 128GB RAM enough? anyone else tried to replicate this many live lights?

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