Best computer for 3D modelling and rendering?

Hello, i’d like to know what’s the currently best rig for making games? I now have a GTX 970 with an i5 2500k and 8 Gb ram. I can model on fine low poly models, but at higher resolutions, my PC can take up to minutes. And if the terrain gets bigger, with a lot of effects, it can also crash. I’d like to know the price aswell, if possible.

Well it depends on your budget. What I would recommend if you’re not too concerned about money would be something like the Haswell-E processors (like the 5960X) though they will be coming out with a new generation later this year.
The GTX 980Ti is a very high-end graphics card with a good value for the power.

The budget is somewhere in the 3000$ range. I’ve heard that getting a Titan would be better for modelling than 980 Ti. However, Titan is older than 980 Ti and I’m not sure about the performance.

The Titan X is only a little bit older than the 980Ti, they are very similar the main difference is the amount of memory, the Titan has 12GB and the 980Ti has 6GB, both are way more than you need for game development and you would only need more GPU memory if you’re doing GPU rendering using something like iRay or VrayRT. As far as speed, the Titan is significantly more expensive but isn’t that much faster, that’s why the 980Ti is a better value.

You can definitely get a beefy computer for a $3,000 though like I said if you want to go with the fastest i7 processors you might want to wait for the Broadwell-E processors which will be coming sometime soon.

I would wait the geforce 1000 series to arrive around spring or summer. Current cards are very overpriced and its unknown if the upcoming Dx12 cards will be big step forward. E.g. that GTX970 is as fast as my GTX780 and I bought it two years ago with same price that GTX970 have today (~400euros). GTX 980Ti is superb but not sure if very worth of the price. DX12 cards may cut prices much down and offer better choises.

For me i7 5820K and 32Gt DDR2400 memory gave nice boost for UE4 editor. Would start upgrading CPU/memoery and then bit later get the 3d card.

Edit: Yes, DX12 is already here, but the 1000 serie will have much new tech. Interesting to see how those will play and affect pricing. Else would also be interested of GTX 980ti, it just should be half less costy.

DirectX12 is already available and all of the DX11 cards today support it

Wait for Polaris if it comes to graphics cards