best collision?

What is the best way to make a char collison? Sometimes if i swing the sword i got stucked in the other players mesh and jump like million meters away.
I was thinking about to deactivate the mesh collision and set a capsule around my char and let them just collide this way so they couldnt get stuck anymore.
Is it the righ way? What is the best solution for this?

I personally always disable the collision of the sword after the character picked it up. For the character I use a capsule (like in the 3rd person bp template) which will just overlap with the sword (so that you can deal damage to him) :slight_smile:

ok, so the character mesh has no collision also? just the capsule?

When you want to get a “response” directly from the character, choose block or overlap all. Otherwise you could also use “no collision” because as far as I know characters only support capsules for collision. :slight_smile: