best choice for multiplayer game fps or tps?

just wondering what will be the best choice for a multiplayer game ? a first person shooter or a third person shooter game?

just asking because i have some new ideas for a multiplayer game.

thanks in advance for your opinions.

…it depends on your game?

i love both styles, that’s why i’m asking what people likes more.

Just my opinion, but for me it’s first person all the way. I’ve never played a third person shooter that I really loved. For my money FPS gives a lot more scope for dynamic, fluid, immersive gameplay.

It’s irrelevant. You build the game around what works for it.

You really ask the wrong questions. First, you do what you have a great idea and fleshed out concept for. Second, it’s not about what people like more, first person or third person, it doesn’t matter. People like a game “more” that has a good concept and pleasent handling (user experience), regardless of the camera perspective.

thank you for your opinions!