Best Character Creator

Hey everyone i’m currently using Mixamo Fuse for my game and know that they dropped support for UE4. So I got two questions. When I look at the models I realize that they dont look 100% realistic, and was wondering whats the best character creator tool out there. Second if i continue to use Mixamo Fuse, how can i get it to function well with UE4?

Use MakeHuman for Realistic character body, export the model to mhx2 and import it to Blender and continue your animation stuff there, the Model should come with Rig aswell, look up tutorials on youtube.

Autodesk also has Character Creator Character Generator | 3D Character Creator Software | Autodesk

If you invest a bit of time then Makehuman works (export as DAE). The same guy made a new tool as well called ManuelBastioniLab which even brings more fancy stuff that Makehuman is missing like twist bones: Page under construction

The best character creator would be a character modeler that makes a living on modeling characters for games :wink: For software specific to character creation:

  • iClone 7 Studio Pipeline Suite ($649.00 USD)
  • Daz3d / Poser (paid - license fees)
  • MakeHuman (free)
  • Autodesk Character Creator (paid + free)
  • Adobe Fuse CC (why does Adobe hate Epic?)

Adobe (used to be Mixamo) Fuse.
It’s easy to use, and you can upload to mixamo to rig, or rig yourself.
Also, you can still add animations to rigged meshes through mixamo.

MakeHuman is also good and their community is decent.

Fuse is still fine, just requires a little manual labor now :smiley:

We have been working with Daz Studio + Genesis 3 as our preferred character development platform and does everything with in a single package that one would want to export including 1st and 3rd person requirements. The down side is it’s not an application as in stating that it’s turnkey as to the needs of UE4 but is a general use application as you would say make use of 3ds Max to make stuff that works with UE4.

Licensing is confusing but is compatible with Epic’s licensing in that you pay nothing up front until you release or distribute Daz runtime assets as part of the game requirements so worth keeping on your must watch list.