Best Beginner Friendly Modeling software

Whats the best beginner friendly modeling software, Ive tried 3ds max but there were just too many options I couldnt focus on modeling anything, Ive tried blender but the UI made me want to puke, I am familiar with sketchup but that isnt made for Game Development in mind, ive tried Maya but the right click menu drove me crazy. all I want to be able to do is learn to model and learn to UV map, I dont need a million other features just the basics to create good models for UE4, is there any program like that out there??

if you used 3ds max and you didn’t like it, i don’t know what else could do, i use blender because is free and you have plenty of good add ons and also sculpting is a great tool for modeling, but 3ds max is the greatest out there because everything is much easier

Don’t think anyone can help you find that magic answer dude.
Certainly not opening more threads asking the same question.
You need to go through the learning pain, until its not as hard.

Or drop it and stick to game design for now using stock assets.
There’s a lot to know, and even more to get right in modeling.
I think its actually harder than gameplay, coding, level-design!

My advice to you is, pick a program, and learn it. It is going to be very challenging at first, and 3d modeling is very time consuming. I’m a student, so I got 3ds Max for free, but I had already been using Blender for a while and I couldn’t stand the controls so I went back to Blender.

They are actually all easy to learn, once you sit down to learn them. What you have to do is dedicate some time to learning the program that feels the most comfortable to you, and don’t get distracted by the bells and whistles.

buy or download paid/free models from

Modo (indie)