Best available Charakters for Licensing?

Hello guys,

we are currently working on a VR project and are in need of some high-end animated characters. The level of fidelity we are looking for is like the Siren or Virtual Mike showcase from Unreal, does anybody know of a place to purchase characters of this level of fidelity?

In every scene, we just want to use 2-3 characters and they don’t need to have a unique look at the moment, the project is just there to prove you can overcome the uncanny valley in VR.

We should be able to animate those using motion capture like the IKINEMA system and lip synch for speech is very important, perhaps even facial animation using an iPhoneX.


My advice is to hire someone who’s able to develop those characters, since if you want to push the boundaries of the tech, available asset won’t be my first choice.
You can look at Reallusion Character Creator 3 for some reference, or CGTrader as well, but it will be hard to find characters with the same level of quality that can “match” each other.

Also remember that in VR the visual quality is way worse then what you see on screen, so having a huge level of detail on the character face is not 100% important, since you won’t even be able to see that.

Beside that, if you need help/support with the animation side, I already developed a solution for realtime characters, you can see an example here:

Facial Animation Pipeline - UE4 to Maya

It works with either IKinema Orion or Perception Neuron Mocap Suit, and I also added the Noitom Hi5 VR Gloves for fingers tracking, and the iPhoneX for facial animation ( by using a custom 3d printed helmet to hold the phone ).

If you would like to share additional informations about the project, feel free to contact me, you can find email and website in the signature.