Best approach?

Im currently creating an scene focused on a “Yggdrasil Branch” wich supports our world in norse mythology

Its a tree and im mixing the “yggdrasil branch” conept with the “rainbow birdge” so
i want to achieve to the tree starting from the crown to fade into a rainbow and then near the ends of the top branches to fade out totally.

It will be better to separate the crown of the tree into another object or just separate the object into 2 diferent materials?

The temporal texture sample is already 2048x2048 and still need fixing and probably some uv rechecking. and due to the shape there are no overlaping/similar i could use the same image part
UV parts so i mostly cant get too much more quality. Separating the object into 2 would give me more space to get some more definition on the textures but im not sure of the besta approaach

Any special hint or idea ?

Also im not sure how to use 2 gradients in the same color texture. lets say something like this (0%-Wood texture -35%- Rainbow - 70% - Totally fade out -100%)

Asdo for the rainbow part is there any trick to make it with colors only i its better to make an texture for it?

And sorry for my non perfect english :slight_smile:

Cool! I used to draw thangs and dumb stories about this tree when I was a kid;
I love the stories about it.

And about the model, I think you are too much worried about texturing; focus on building a solid shape without artifacts and fluid UV mapping first.

You’ll want to complete your modeling before you really decide how you break it up, since I think it’ll be a tough decision to make before you are completely done. (By the way this is a really neat concept)

But I just wanted to jump in and say I think you absolutely should use texture for the rainbow because you’ll lose the organic nature of the tree if you try to generate it via colour only. Or you can generate it via colour and then use a displacement map and AO, but then at that point you could have just textured it. Good luck!