Best approach to fly a realscale spaceship through a solarsystem

I have a realscale ship, where i can walk around the ship.
but this ship should also be navigated through a “highscale” (not realscale, but still very large) solarsystem.
ship/earth factor 1/1000

what would be a good approach?

i tried to have a camera projection of a very small solarsystem to be projected on the “windscreen” of the spaceship, through a post process material. where my spaceship controlled the capturecamera in the small system. but this approach had too many open ends and pitfalls.
into what direction should i think? any input is highly appreciated!

You can use level streaming along with level composition and create your POIs as separate levels. You can move them freely in space to arrange your solar system in any way you like. Please refer to this video core of concept displayed around 10th minute in.