Best approach to creating Landscape Materials for Mobile

What is the community consensus on a best approach (if there is one), and some of the pitfalls to avoid when making the material for mobile rather than PC?

So I am fairly new to working with landscapes.
Even more so for mobile.

Therefore I wanted to simply ask an open question regarding the creation of a Layer based Master Material for Landscapes, primarily targeting the usage on mobile devices.

For example:

  • What is the status with Realtime Virtual Textures (RVT), is it worth looking into for performance, or are there drawbacks that would make most reconsider?

  • Would Texture Arrays be more performant than opening up Texture Objects as parameter inputs for each layer.

Stuff like that, maybe there is more ‘serious’ questions or considerations, but I just wouldn’t know them since I’m fairly new to this.

My hope is to essentially compile a list best practices for this kind of scenario so that I or other beginners can start off in the right direction without having to struggle to understand or find such community knowledge!