Best approach to cloth

Hi Guys,

I’m working on a fairly complex rig in Maya using the ART tools but have a question about best practices.
I have the basic skeleton which is all fine and deforming well but have also added 7 dynamic chains around the character gown so that this can move (ideally) like cloth.

What I’m not sure about however is which of these approaches I should take…

a. Make those bones dynamic in Maya, and then bake out the animation before exporting the FBX?

b. leave the bones as they are and make them dynamic in UE4?

If I go with option a, will the rig save with these additional dynamic bones?
Would option a (assuming it can be done) be lighter than doing the dynamics in engine?
and finally, is there anything other than the name that actually makes these dynamic leaf chains dynamic? as in, when I click the “Create Control Rig” button, will ART see that they are supposedly dynamic and handle them differently to the rest of the rig?

Thanks for any help on this, I hope the description is clear enough. I have included an image so hopefully you can see what I’m going for with the lower part of the gown.

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im quite new to cloth sim and game engine. perhaps this thread will describe more detail How would I get a simple cloth simulation working on mobile? - #2 by DEFNIQUE