Best Approach For Multiple Rooms Procedural Generation

Hey guys.

I am doing sort of a endless runner, but it is composed of multiple rooms that are generated when the pawn passes the previous one.

What I want to to is the following.

I have a list of type of maps I want (grass / rocks / water, for example)

What I want to do is to generate the next room randomly choose between one of these, and the assets inside of it (wall / flloor and props) would also be randomly generated based on the chosen type.

What is the best approach to do this?

Is it to create several Level Streams and populate the next room?

Is it to create a blueprint with the full room?

All of this with Seed.

Thanks for the help

I’m not making an endless runner, but an FPS. However, I’m under the impression that keeping it simple with the amount of procedural elements is a good idea. Because the more elements you have the more you have to take care of that so that it fits together. So, manipulating things like walls may not be a good idea unless you just change the material/textures only, perhaps.

Well, using a 2D or 3D grid for the elements, similar to Minecraft really, could keep it organized. But for an endless runner, perhaps that’s a heck of a lot of code that you would need to fit everything together in 3D. Minecraft got only simple blocks, but if you use something more of a model for a wall, 2D should be much less complex than 3D.

Games like Ziggurat/Warframe/Immortal Redneck, they just take a whole in-editor designed room, or section, and then simply place the whole thing where it is needed when the game starts. Of course for a runner you just have to remove and add while the character moves.

Epic and others have made tuts on this subject.

The idea is that when your character enters a trigger, they spawn the necessary rooms/map/etc.

Try this one.