Best approach for fur cards?

No Neofur, no Nvidia hairworks, I need to do old-school fur cards (because it’s free and not bound to any brand)
What’s the best approach in UE4 ? Foliage ? Particles ? (I’m a noob so maybe one of those would not even work, or maybe I missed another one)

Thanks ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maya’s xGen tool converted to geometry.

So I need to give more precisions :

  • I need to take advantage of instanced geometry or my character will have way too many polygons to be playable (it would have around 34k quads)
  • I don’t have Maya (why did you assume I have it ?)
  • I already did the work with particles in Blender but I’ve read everywhere that there’s no way to import Blender particles to Unreal and that I’d better re-do the work directly in Unreal
  • I need the instanced cards to inherit their color from the UV texture of my character.
  • If possible, I’d like the fur cards to be animated with physics, kind of like how Neofur and hairworks are animated

I would love some help, as I have to return my work to a client and I didn’t find any tutorial on fur cards in Unreal.