Best Approach for Crowd-Vehicle-AI

Hey guys,

Iam currently working on a game that works like the GTA-games. Therefore I need to populate my streets with cars that drive around randomly. Currently Iam setting up my vehicle AI, following a similar approach as shown in that video. I thought of setting few waypoints on the junctions and to dynamically create splines that lead from one junction to the next one so that the car can then follow that spline. When it reaches the next junction, the car randomly desides where to go and then the spline is updated accordingly.

Well, I think that it should work but Iam not quite sure of how I will have to deal with the fact that I essentially need hundreds of AI cars driving around simultaneously… Does anybody have some experience with something similar? Will it be a problem spawning a large number of such ai-vehicles?
Or should I just spawn cars in the area where the player can actually see the cars?

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Any thoughts on this? :slight_smile: :confused:
Otherwise I guess I will just try setting up the blueprint-logic for my vehicle_ai and throw a few hundred instances of it into the world and see what’s happening.
Is there a good way of monitoring the CPU-cost that is assigned to a certain group of actors so that I can see the actual impact on the performance?