Best approach for a simple 2d app (tournament brackets)

I would like to make a simple app for a personal use on mobile and I thought to do it here because I’m familiar with UE. I know just the basics of blueprints. It will be a tournament bracket. The app itself will be used like this:

1- I will take photos of my sons’ cars and upload it into the app
2-the app will randomize all the images and select the 8 or 16 contestants that will participate
3-I will drag and drop the winner of the first bracket and place it into the next one

This is the inspiration of the app I want to create, at 0:20 you can see the brackets scheme I need.

MONSTER TRUCK MANIA | Monster Trucks | @Hot Wheels - YouTube

I honestly don’t need a step by step, because I am eager to learn about blueprints more in depth. But I am stuck at the very beginning. What should I use to start, will the “cars” that will be randomized and displayed in the brackets are Blueprint Actors, or can I just use Widgets? The only feature as I explained, is the drag and drop. I will appreciate if you guys give me some general workflow of how something like this should be done, keywords, ideas, etc.
The point is to give my son a better experience while playing doing races with his cars, I will later add some animations, videos, effects, etc similar to that video, but I need to know the structure first. Thanks!

I’m sure your probably much further along by this point

to approach this I would use widgets make a button make it look like the truck and override functionality for drag and drop.
then each of the brackets will be drop baskets to catch the dropped buttons.

here is a really good starting place for that functionality

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Wow I thought I had lost all hope for an answer. Actually no, haven’t made any progress lol. So your reply comes still in time :slight_smile: I think I had watched this video, but I didn’t insist probably cause I was not even sure this was the method I had to follow. Guess I will have to try it again with more focus and patience. So what you are saying is, I can make the whole tournament scheme using only widgets? Are there any limitations by using widgets instead of actors (which I believe do 100% of whatever you want them to do) ?
Thanks a lot for the answer! Really made my day.

to make it 100% easier just make the button a click instead of click and drag. as it’s personal use it shouldn’t make to much of a difference.

there are limits to widgets but for what your aiming for it won’t be a problem.