Best (any?) way to evaluate a text script

Short story:

I have a string with an expression in it, consisting of calls to blueprint functions and logical operators (ex.: “getFollowersCount() < 3 && $someVarName == true”. It’s loaded from XML, or text file, or whatever. How do I evaluate it in a game to get a bool value?

Longer story:

I have an RPG dialogue editor and C++ dialogue system code from my previous projects, and I’d like to reuse them with Unreal. In dialogue editor, designers would type in various conditions (in local script language, but text expressions, basically). For example, “getMoney() > 150”. Later, during a runtime, this text would be evaluated by script engine to return a boolean value. Any way to achieve this with UE4? Any approaches, tools, libs, plugins you can recommend?

The script syntax above is what I’ve used before (it’s TorqueScript), but I don’t have to stick with it. We’re starting a new project almost from scratch, so we can go with virtually anything.

After going through various options looks like Unreal.JS plugin is my best bet.