Best animation tuts for animating in Maya?

Hi all! Any help on where to learn how to animate in Maya in terms of using then exporting into UE4?

I can’t seem to find many Maya animation tuts on youtube that relate to UE4.

Can anyone recommend any tuts or books where they learned the most as a beginner Maya animator?

If there isn’t many resources for Maya, I don’t mind switching to another platform like 3DS Max, Modo?


Since no one in this forum was able to even point me in the right direction…this being the animation forum, seems pretty odd that no one would…I have found a really great resource for any beginner Maya animator.

Pluralsights has some excellent animation courses for Maya that you should look at if you’re a beginner and don’t want to follow terrible youtube tutorials.

There’s this one for beginners that teaches you the basics and there’s another more advanced one from the same author after you complete it.

They have a 10 day free trial period. So I suggest anyone that wants to test it out, to do that first. It’s a little expensive to sign up with them but man they have a ton of courses and even UE4 blueprint and programming courses too which are included in the site fee and trial period.

I have zero affiliation with Pluralsights, just trying to help other noobies who had my exact same problems and whose questions went unanswered in this forum.


Adeptus have realy good tutorials you can check his channel