Best and most painless way to remove unused assets in Unreal

I have a problem with my packaged project and its file size. I understand that all files in the ‘WindowsNoEditor’ directory has to be included in the file size and that directory is in my case
approximately 5gb. I don’t know what you can expect for an interior scene (only a livingroom) but it sounds that 5 gb is way too large. There are definitely a lot of unused assets in the project and probably thats the cause. So I’m wondering how you can remove unused assets in Unreal in a painless way.

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Only assets used by maps included in the build will be added to the package.
On project settings you can define which maps you want to be included or ignored.

  1. create a completely new empty project (not even including starter content) in the same UE version that u use for youre project.
  2. start up youre game project and migrate just the maps you like to the empty project. here UE will copy only the really used assets and its references to the empty project
  3. in the new project you then only have the really used assets. from here you then do youre cook/build/packaging.