best ai package from marketplace for prototyping ?

hello, just wondering what will be the best ai package from the marketplace for prototyping a game ?

i saw the marketplace but can decide wich one will fit best on my survival third person game.

any help will be very useful.

thanks in advance.

I really like the ProAI setup from the marketplace.
Dev answers emails from me all the time and is SUPER helpful. Hes not a 1 project and run kind of guy either.
Downfall is he is french and sometimes there is a bit of a language/understanding barrier there, but, i have been very happy with results.

thank you for your help @AP_Studios

You are most welcome. I know how hard making marketplace decisions can be. I have about $6k in sitting assets that are all dead or just not really functional from there. So, i am more then happy to help on something i already own lol.