Best AAA quality FPS assets?

You guys probably get this a lot. I am going to ask it anyway, but what are the best first person shooter or third person shooter assets. I am trying to develop an AAA quality like game but really have no resources to do so. And honestly it seems much easier to purchase some kits and change it to my own style, but what FPS/TPS kits should I consider?

Consider browsing the marketplace, find something that you like and ask in the forums whether it’s suitable for things you’ve envisioned. Might be a good starting point!

I think you mean assets not assists. Initially I thought you were asking about aim assists, like cheats / hacks.

I am trying to develop an AAA quality
like game but really have no resources
to do so.

So you’re not developing an AAA game, surely. Just face it, there’s no such thing as an AAA with 1 person and bought assets (often referred to an asset flip) or a 3 ppl MMO.

but what FPS/TPS kits sould I consider

It’s absolutely fine to purchase assets in certain cases but a question like this raises immediate concerns:

  • ask in the forums, AH is not the best place for this; forums are much better when it comes to general advice - content creation section, perhaps
  • how is one supposed to answer if you’re not even saying what you’re making (sci-fi, modern combat / WW II / spell casting)
  • you’re the only one who knows what you like - what style, looks, scope and feel you’re after
  • you’ve stated no budget
  • if you’re not sure whether you’re making fpp or tpp and talking about buying assets, you haven’t though it through (making both work in one game means extra time needed developing additional features)
  • it’s like a question about what the best car is, no such thing as best car / assets
  • don’t leave your e-mail in public places :slight_smile:

If it sounds harsh / brash, that’s ok.

The best advice I can give you is to go back to drawing board (you must have a GDD of sorts, surely!) and focus. Focus on the features, style and scope of the final product. Start working with placeholders to get the feel of what’s needed, what works and what does not.

Having a bunch of £££ assets does not make a game.

Take it or leave it. Or wait for better advice.

lol I was not paying attention, my phone has an auto type keyboard. I appreciate the brutal honesty, i’ll take your advice.