Best 3D Marketplace

Good morning. Just curious. What marketplaces are there other than the Unreal Marketplace, Turbosquid and CGtrader that are any good? They all just seem so limited on Unreal ready rigged characters.

i’m interested on this too, following…

A lot of vendors also sell on Gumroad.

I like BlendSwap. As the name implies, it’s for Blender, but I had no problem using one of their first person rigs as a base for my first person game in Unreal. Getting rigged characters into Unreal is easy, as long as you don’t mix applications. Taking the mannequin from the sample content (which was in all likelihood created using Maya) and trying to edit it in another application like Blender is a pain in the ■■■. That’s where you get weirdness with the skeletons.

The problem I’m facing is finding models that look realistic. I’m willing to pay up for it. I did find out that Fiverr actually has 3d artists on there and they’re very reasonable on their prices.

You can also go to They have a good amount of free and paid models for commercial and non commercial use. Read the terms and conditions.

If you want customised stuff, there’s also Upwork, which is a good way to get hold of a freelancer. (But this is a proper pro, outsourcing option).