Bendy Bones, can UE4 support them?

Blender has bendy bones, bones that can bend with adjustable segments, I am experimenting with them by using one to connect the wings to the clavical with limited success. It occured to me that UE4 might not support that kind of bones so I thought I would post here before I get much farther. Here is a link telling you what they are if you are unfamiliar.

So can UE4 do it or am I wasting my time in Blender?

From the looks of it, you can’t just export to UE because it seems to have special internal method and constraints. What you need to do is to create a bone rig on top of the Bendy one with correct bones Hierarchy recognized by UE plus have them connected to the Bendy bones via constraints. Not a blender user so can’t tell you hows its done.

ok, so I won’t use them, it wasn’t giving me the best results, I want the wings to move a little bit with the clavical and it just wasnt cutting it. Thanks for your input.