Ben Tristem's course "The Complete Unreal Developer",question about it

So, I found out about this course and I was interested in joining it since it looks promising and since this days I’m into learning c++ as well, so I went over the the course page and noticed something…under the “What am I going to get from this course?” it says “Over 5 lectures and 10 mins of content!” which, unless I am stupid, it means 10 minutes of content divided into 5 lecture for 2 minutes of lecture each…it must be a typo xD…right ?!RIGHT?! :confused:

No seriously,I can’t tell if typo or wathever,so I need you guys opinion on this,since this course need an upfront payment (meaning the course will be released over time),so I expect some reliable info about what I am paying for :
Also if somehow you guys know Ben,can you ask directly to him and if is a typo, if he can fix it to portray the true information? Because I don’t think I have a way to reach him and ask (I sent an Hangout request,but can’t do more than that I think) :\

Well, if that does turn out to be the case, there are a ton of community tutorials, official documentation and tutorials, and people who would help you learn (either free or for a charge) that would all be better solutions than 10 minutes of video ‘lecture’. Matter of fact, I’d spend time watching and going over the existing documentation and tutorials, and then spend that $50 on a community tutor or contractor willing to show you how to work in the engine live. I personally think it’s just poorly worded where you get 5 lectures and ten minutes of associated material. Or 5 videos 10 minutes each. I can’t believe it’d be 5 lectures of 2 minutes each. That’s silly. Some people spend 2 minutes on concept introduction.

Edit: It’s 5 10 minute long videos.


Was on Kickstarter very recently. He’s only just started with it so he will need some time.

I don’t mind giving him time to get everything right,problem is that the current 57€ is a “upfront pay offer” so to say,meaning that with time the price of the course will increase until reaching a final price of around 200 if I got it right,so basically if you pay now you save money. But I can’t pay now if I don’t know what I’m paying for,so is not like I don’t want to give him time,is just that I can’t because of the deadlines on the price he set himself xD

And btw,that page should be up from more than a week now.

Ok,so I may have found a partial answer in the image below,from the kickstarter “backers comments” page,read from bottom up. Basically Udemy is generating those numbers.

Still I don’t know how long the corse will be (how many total hours am I paying for?!),so I need to go back to my detective work. Though let me say this,this is no good way to present your course to the world,I shouldn’t be digging out the info like this :\

Edit: ok,watched better in the first link and under Course description says " The final course will be over 30 hours of content and 200+ lectures, perhaps much more." Apology for my noobnees. Though imho is 50% udemy fault,bacause present the misleading information first,and you have to open a tab to read the “important” informations xD

So we got it, 200+ 10 minutes lectures :smiley: Awesome!


Just look at the Kickstarter, all info there: