Ben The Exorcist

Hello community, we decided to share with you our project that reached alpha stage.
We would like to present:

You are playing unknown exorcist known as Ben called by unknown family Witherspoons to examine unknown house in unknown country in unknown world in unknown timeline in unknown universe ruled by unknown christian god.
Things in this game are uncertain as you can conclude from previous statement.
You need to face terrifying ghosts and fantasy creature. Your job as exorcist is to banish those spirits and restore peace in family house.
You will be equiped with your faith, holy water and flashlight. This unordinary flashlight will reveal the secrets of haunted house. (Actually this is ordinary UV Flashlight).
Find out unique stories behind each of ghosts by searching for items from their past while avoiding their rage.
Would you dare to step in to haunted house or you chicken out?

Genre: Horror / Comedy (?)
Platforms: PC
Language: English

Steam Greenlight VOTE :slight_smile:


Here we go with few more screenshots. Soon we will come with our first trailer!

Nice !

a game like this was on my list for development, only that I wanted to make it as realistic as possible and inspired by things that have happened to me in real life…
I would love to see some gameplay of this… :slight_smile:

Good luck !

Seems concerning…

As far as the game goes @JaroMast I like the art style, and too would like to seem some gameplay footage of this!

As I promised, here you go with our first game trailer:


This is only a little piece of gameplay, I will try to show even more in next videos (special abilities of ghosts, their background story, scary events etc.), but you know… I dont wont to spoil too much :slight_smile:

In BenTheExorcist you aren’t powerless against the ghosts that haunt Witherspoon family house.

You have weapons. First of it is Cross and words of exorcism.


Definitely pretty neat!

I don’t think any exorcist-based games have been made (or at least have been made to my knowledge).

Either way, great concept and premise! The character models and overall shading remind me a bit of Borderlands. Which, in my opinion, is a very good thing :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed the trailer - from the initial screenshots I wasn’t sure how that art style would work with a horror game. But seeing it in motion, it looks you’ve done a great job creating a genuinely creepy atmosphere. And I’ll admit to flinching when the fruit flew out… Looking forward to the future videos!

Wow guys, I’m really thankful for this positive feedback :slight_smile:

I haven’t come here with empty hands and I can show you another concept of gameplay:

To survive in haunted hause you need to know where the danger comes from. You can follow the sound of footsteps but sometimes it can to be to late.
Alternative to this is rosary - kind of ghost detector, that spins faster the closer to ghost you are.


Holy water is very useful item. Thanks to it you can slow down your enemy and use this opportunity to run away or to exorcise.
Remember to refill the bottle once a time, otherwise it may unexpectedly run out during the fight when you will really need it.


When you use holy water your opponent becomes dizzy. In that moment you can go through him safely.


PS. I just noticed something interesting on indieDB :):

I see devil’s work here…

I wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day! Even ghosts and exorcists need some love.

BTW: We are going steam greenlight tomorrow, so we will come with new trailer :slight_smile:

So this day has come, we are now on Steam Greenlight and we need you help to make this big step.
I would really appriciate your votes on:
Steam Greenlight

And we have a new trailer for you guys :slight_smile:

Is it possible to change topic title? I would like to info to it that we reached Greenlight