Belt Pulleys animation

Any idea how to recreate this stuff by not using **Path deform binding modifier ** and be able to put it into UE?
Thanks for any idea.


Looks like nobody will help you here…
But I have found this tutorial with rigged chain. Just try to replace the chain with basic segmented mesh and apply the skin modifier. I am not sure if it will work, but you can try it.

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Oooh, thank you very much YSY.
I am definitely going to test it.

You are welcome Ondrej
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Jokes aside, the way you could try to do it is by skinning your belt to a number of bones. Import in UE4 and animate bones by moving along the spline component. I do something similar to tank tracks, but instead of bones instanced static meshes are moved. In your case moving bones is better as belt is more of a solid rubber body than a collection of connected treads. Project thread is here:

code is free and there is a description of how this specific part works somewhere in the comments.

Another option is to use a “flat” mesh and animate movement of belt using texture but it has to be flat then, no ridges like in the link you posted.

That is just awesome mr. BoredEngineer.
Looks like I have got lots of stuff to study during weekend.
Thank you

I think there is another option, I used it for the treads on an excavator model

The thing is, it’s a while ago… and I’ve forgotten what the technique is called and I can’t find the tutorial page (fiddly but achievable)… but basically you create a texture with your track animation (my track also used a path curve), then apply it to the track static mesh. The wheels were animated as normal. The result looks good, hunt deeply around the forums and the documentation and you’ll find it. I think there is literally a tutorial somewhere in the doco or the wiki.

Thanks. I’ll search for it.