Below August Jam Entry

Hey guys,

So this is our late entry for the august game jam we are finally able to show off. We couldn’t release at deadline due to it being broken. Now we are comfortable and content with showing it off. Keep in mind this was 4 days plus a couple hours here and there in the weeks after. This was our first UE4 project. The team I worked with did a great job and they are all credited in the game. Though times were, hard I really enjoyed working with the engine and will continue to do so. I’m providing a link now for the windows download. A mac version is coming shortly hopefully. Would love to get opinions, and more importantly, praise on our work. 5 guys that worked really hard and we are tired. So please enjoy and share thank you. There are still a few bugs present that we are aware of but they are small.

So please enjoy Below From Team #1C6BAO

Below Windows 32-bit

Please let me know if things don’t work will attempt to fix.


Aha, I remember seeing you stream for a bit I think. Nice to see the game finally.

I liked the creaking noises and ambient sound/music, they were pretty good for setting the atmosphere. Didn’t see anything clearly not working the way it should, which is good.
I did notice some textures being stretched massively and appearing very blurry (the floor at the start for example). It felt weird being able to only walk around on the floor and not swim around as you’d expect. And the eye adaptation (auto exposure) probably did more harm than good, because running into something with your head light or seeing outside through a window made everything else turn pitch black.

Nice to see someone giving feedback. At a later point in development after the deadline we were getting tired of trying to get things looking a certain way. We were very aware of the texture stretching and the unfortunate auto exposure and lighting issues. Something I tried to work on for a while but not a lighting expert yet and at that point I just wanted it out. The core mechanic and feel was there so I was happy for the most part. the lighting auto adjusting was really bugging me but the game was playable and that’s what I was going for. Definitely some things we didn’t get worked in but it’s not a big deal. Learned a lot and looking forward to October Jam