Being frustrated about own animations rigging skills

I’m not good with putting empty room with male base character into Unreal Engine 4.10 onto Blender correct export to Blender/Unreal Engine 4 and import Unreal Engine 4/Blender vice versa.I can’t tell(it’s secret) you in which game I’m working because I don’t want any sort of troubles(not with Ubi Soft not with Epic Games).

Whats the reason for this post? I cant recognize a clear question from it…
Can you elaborate?

Frustration release. I think. :wink:

Honestly I’m looking for programmer to my game project I can only manage to make 3D models not animations or scripts.More details knack user prepare your PM discussion.

I’d like to make Half-Life 3(Half-Life 2 Episode 3 and Half-Life 2 Episode 4 Return To The Ravenholm),but importing source engine characters npcs’ could be troublesome.

From learning ripping you have nothing, in the end…
From doing/modeling own stuff, you learn different things, you could expand, so that in some years ppl will rip your content.

What about Half-Life 3?