Being able to "Temporarly" disable Blueprints via Checkbox

Being able to “comment out” Blueprints maybe via a Checkbox for stuff that is inside a “Comment” in Blueprint.

Currently i have something in Blueprint that i dont want in the finished Game and when i test in Editor i want to be able to Toggle some of the Blueprints On/Off.
It would be a neat thing to have because otherwise i would now have to either unlink all the inputs or delete and rebuild it over and over again.

If i could select it -> press C -> call it debug for example -> tick a checkbox in the comment window to “gray out” the Blueprints and be inactive

English isnt my main Language and i hope this is understandable.

Thanks for reading so far and i hope it makes it into the Engine since being able to comment out is kind of the bread and butter for programming and debugging sometimes :slight_smile:

Do i need to bump? Did someone even see this Post? :slight_smile:

Hi ⓃⒺⓉⓅⒺⒼⒼⓁⒺ, your forum name is not forum friendly. LOL. I fear a checkbox option would lead to accidental crashes, errors, bugs… which is why is not present.


One sort has to create their debugging system, within their BPs. You could take a gander at the ‘Is Package for Distribution’ BP Node used with Branch Condition to disable BPs you do not desire in the packaging. A custom ‘bDEBUG_MODE’ Boolean Array or Name-to-Boolean *Map *Variable (Editable from the Editor) used with Branch condition would offer more control over enable/disable of groups of BPs.

I would also recommend using a naming convention to quickly identify Testing/Debug BP Directories, Files, Classes, Functions, etc s with the simple suffix ‘_DEBUG’. For super simple organization store all Test/Debug BPs in a Folder named DEBUG. Relocate '_DEBUG ’ files or ‘DEBUG’ folder when packaging the project.

Lets say i have made a function in the Charakter Blueprint and want to disable it then i have to cut the first string from input -> Node. But if something is inside a Commentbox and i “check” the Disable button everything in that comment gets greyed out and it “just” disables the input of the nodes inside of the Comment. I dont see why this should lead to a crash.
But it would be more easy then to do destroy the connection and have to reconnect them without knowing wich is connected and wich is not and i have to look over every note ^^

But maybe its just me and im crazy :wink: