Being able to catagorize buttons in the variable list so they can be sorted.

Unless this is a bug, in the widget blueprints, if you set a category for the buttons in the variable list they do not get sorted and the category goes away. I have like 35 buttons on my one widget and I set them all to a “Button” category so I could collapse the category and not have a huge list of variables but the category goes back to default. Is there any plan to fix this so they can be categorized in the future?


sorry, but if you have 30+ buttons and different one for every single action, your UI design and especially engineering part of it done wrong
but, more features, ofc we all in.

There is always more than one way to do things and my way may not be the best but it is works quite well for my application and I want the player to adjust everything they can to fine tune to their liking/system capabilities. I could use combo boxes to do most of it but I just want a functional menu so this works. I am just now getting into UMG so I learn new ways to do things everyday.


Why can’t you write ‘Button’ in the text field beside category? I was able to and they organized underneath ‘Button’.


Actually that is what I did and after they sorted out the whole Button category changed itself to default and the button category was gone…

Below, Just now, I named the category “Button” and it does not set a drop down arrow for a “Button” Category to expand and retract. After a moment it just goes back to “Default”

Yep, i face same bug right now, when you compile widget blueprint category settings is resets.

Can confirm same bug has happened to me on 4.8.1. I dont know if it still occurs. I stopped trying to group functions and variables in widgets since then, but it definitely has a bug there somewhere.

Hello Overwatch04,

I was able to reproduce this issue on our end. I have written up a report ( UE-20103) and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. Thank you for your time and information.

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Thank you Rudy!

This issue still persists as of UE 4.16.3. While it is not a critical issue for production development, I am finding building rapid prototype UIs quite annoying since I can’t categorize UMG UI element variables, and often times I need to have lots of (not engineered) quickly swapped UI features – meaning lots of different UI elements. I’m just posting to weigh in on this issue, as I have already voted on the backlogged issue. Thanks.

It would be nice if widget variables were displayed separately from normal ones created in the editor all together. It very rarely makes sense to have them all mixed up…

The issue has been “Won’t Do” 'ed while this is still a problem. Can’t we have something similar for UMG elements than for Blueprints Components? If you have a component in a blueprint, it shows in it’s own “Components” category. Having the same for UMG would be a simple fix at least. Being able to categorize them would be even better.

Version: 4.18.2 (and it still happens)

The story of Unreal in a nutshell. I have a serious love/hate relationship with this software that goes all the way back to UDK. haha

I was able to resolve this issue in PR #4662, see for the code changes.

Had this request on Answerhub for about three years, and we keep being told it’s fixed. Glad to see it finally actually is.

4.20.3 Issue is either back, or still occurring. Cannot categorize any UMG items. Manually created variables in a widget can be categorized.

-> Select a button
-> Type in a new category name
-> Category switches back to “Default” upon hitting enter.

Is the PR even in 4.20? It was only accepted in July, right before 4.20 shipped.

I think its not, 4.21 I believe.