Behind a web filter


I’m having some trouble downloading UE4.
I can download the launcher, but it’s convinced it’s offline.

I’ve checked my ssl and tsl settings and all are set as they should be, so I’m assuming its our web filter blocking the content.

Does anyone have any idea what I’d need to whitelist in order to get this to work?



Hi Aleshar,

Please try the steps in this section of the troubleshooting guide. You may need to disable your web filter in order to download an engine version.

Disabling the proxy isn’t an option, its applied by our ISP,
What I can do is add a whitelist to it to allow the launcher to pass, but I need to know what to whitelist.

Try adding as that has worked for several users in the past. If you’re still having trouble though let us know.

-Max B.

Brilliant, that’s worked and let me in.

Many Thanks