Behemoth - kill big stuff

my older thread on tigsource has more deets ^^
Its a shadow of the collosus style game, with an mc who rides a dragon.
My speciality is epic 3D monsters but i also rig, concept and can manage workable animations.

I am looking for a UE4 person to work with who has past experience with player mechanics. The unusual part of the in engine stuff is building a framework that lets you climb a skinned mesh with another playable skinned mesh
and other mechanics like in shadow of the collosus. I think it might be hard, i’m unsure i’m not familiar with unreal.
I hope to make something that feels epic, and has a unique atmosphere like sotc. sotc and monster hunter are my 2 big influences.

im working on using nvidia hairworks for fur like in witcher 3:

some early tests, finding shave and a haircut a pain in the *** to make guide curves with, going to try find a better technique that hairworks will accept

small website banner test

This looks EPIC! I hope you find a way to realize this project. I’m going to think about this, I wonder if I could come up with a way to have the player climb a dynamic moving mesh. I love this challenging idea :slight_smile:

I love the character’s!

thanks : )
early site wip and more monster stuff
sculpt is first iteration of mc’s mount

If you ever get a chance, try talking to people who made Dragon’s Dogma. They had climbing on monsters in that game. So much fun! :smiley:

great i like your art style

thinking about enviro, considering making most artificial structures large cubic things, like brutalism almost.
it would save a lot of art hours as i could just use tiling textures and vertex paint for it

Kia ora mate

Awasome, love to be half as good lol, fat chance.

Great work anyway

want to team up ?

this is what I’m working on .