Behaviour trees why?

It is not that I don’t like em, it is that I don’t know the advantages of using one, any idea ?

If you don’t enjoy them BhTrees you can always go with your own GOAP system…

This is the beauty of Unreal, it’s very open, you are free to develop and implement your own stuff.


The advantage is that you don’t have to code your own when you decide that you need a tree-like structure to execute AI behavior. If you find that your game doesn’t need that, then there is no advantage to them. The question would also have to be: the advantage compared to what? Other BT implementations? AI logic that does not use BTs at all?

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I see, thank youfor the replies.

Given the advance in AI tech out there, yea.
BT is kinda going out the door.
Because it’s linear.

The better approach, as more objects to do this become avaliable like quantum computing (eventually), will be concurrent evaluation.

Test a variable amount of things for a score, use those scores to make a directed decision.

Instead of going linearly though iterations that depend on one another.

The end result is probably the same for game application, for now at least.

But think of when we’ll be able to split up different tasks on different CPUs for concurrent evaluation (Sure, never in Unreal :P)

I’m starting to think that many older side scroller games used spline track style enemies.