Behaviour Tree misunderstanding

Hi folks,
I’m using behaviour trees in my current project, and I’m running into a problem.
I’m trying to use a conditional loop inside the BT, but I’m not understanding what I need to do to get it to read the value generated in another BP.
This is my BT -

And I’m trying to use ‘ScaredBB’ as the trigger,

and that is set in the BP -

but I can’t work out how to make these separate bits talk to each other.
At the moment, the boolean is set, LHS of the BT continues to run, the decorator is not triggered, and nothing else happens.

What I want to happen -

  1. check if ‘Scared BB’ - if not, run LHS of BT.

  2. if ‘Scared BB’ = true - run RHS of BT, then pause for time, then run LHS of BT again.

Am I not looking in the right place for the Boolean? Do I need to replicate this in another place for it to read it in the BT? Should I cast to the BP from the BT to get the value?

I’m sure this is something simple, but I’ve been trying this for a while and just not getting it.
If someone could point me at a resource I’m very happy reading up, I haven’t been able to find anything as yet.

Thanks for reading!

You have to set the blackboard variable. At the moment, you’re just setting a random variable called the same thing in a random blueprint :slight_smile:

The blueprint needs to be ‘connected’ to the process by virtue of the fact that it’s part of a task or service. Then, in the blueprint, you can say:


Give the key variable ( which you need for the node ) the same name as the variable in the BB.