Behaviour Tree - How do I get true/false outcomes from 'Does Path Exist'

I simply want to execute one task in the event of a path existing, and another task in the event of no path.

Here is my current setup:

The pathfinding works well but I need it to tell me when there is no possible path. With this setup when there is no bath between my locations it just gets hung up on te does path exist decorator. i need the other task to fire instead.

wouldn’t the second node get executed if you changed the sequence into a selector?

With a selector the 2nd task fires but the first doesn’t get touched.

Hover over Sequence/Selector nodes and it will show it functionality.

Sequence: it tries to run every child node consequently, but if current child fails - whole sequence fails. So your #1 child fails and whole chain is dead now.
Selector: it tries to run every child node consequently, but if current child succeed - whole selector succeed and no other child will be executed. In your case #1 child fails and after #1 selector switches to #2 and succeed. So actually #1 does get touched, but it fails(Path does not exist thus selector switching from #1 to #2 and execute node)

With the selector node in place. It just skips the 1st task while its still looking for a path and goes to the 2nd task. It seems it isn’t waiting around to check if a path exists.

You have decorator which allows to execute task #1 only if path does exist.
Selector is trying to execute task #1, but decorator says no requirements has met and switches from task #1 to task #2.
Second task executed only because path does not exist. It does exactly what you want it to do

I wait for navigation to be fully built before doing this.
The problem is when there IS a path between A and B, ‘does path exist’ fails every time until it has worked out a path (because pathfinding isn’t instant). The only solution I have found is putting a cooldown decorator on task 1. So task 1 will only fire a 2nd time when a path hasn’t been found within the cooldown period. It’s kinda a duct tape solution with the extra waiting so it isn’t ideal :confused: