Behaviour Tree for a complex Boss behaviour??


I wonder if its a good idea do the behaviour for a final boss level using behaviour tree…

This battle should have different stages, with different behaviours, minions spammed, melee attack, distance attack…

I have never used a behaviour tree before so I’m currently more confortable doing it in the boss c++ class but probably would be a good idea learn BT if I want to work in a game studio in the future.

Any advice about that?

Thanks in advance

What do you do the rest of the NPC’s AI in? It should probably all be in the same system.

Boss fights often have a lot of scripted behaviors, so its not automatic that a Behavior Tree is the best solution for it. If all your NPC’s were using them, then it probably would be.

This is a nice article about the concept of behavior trees and how to use them. Most of it should apply to UE4.


Thanks Mike and Manoel!

Mike, the rest of npcs are out of this equation because their behaviour is resolved and the spammed npcs in the boss level should be autonomous so finally I have scripted the boss behaviour as you said :smiley:

Manoel, this article is very nice and interesting. Probably in my next project I will use BT and the article was a nice lecture. Thanks so much!