Behaviour of a healthbar like dota2 in unreal engine 4

I am having a problem where in I want my health bar to behave like dota2/lol. right now is that I summon 4 minions and they all have health bars on top of there head( a floating widget) but the problem is that whenever the minions turn around the health bar also follows and I don’t want that because dota2 minions the behaviour of their healthbar are static only and doesn’t move even the minions are rotating. Is there a way in unreal to freeze a widget that is set to world like unity rigidbody that can be freeze rotation and position something like that.


By the way to add more information I am using the Top Down Template in unreal engine.

I found my solution actually that suits very well with my problem. But thanks anyway sir

  • if you’re using a Widget Component for this, switch its Space to Screen mode - it will then behave more like a 2d widget but with automatic screen tracking

  • if you’re using a Widget Component and want to keep it 3d, update its orientation to face the player camera onTick

  • if you’re using a traditional 2d widget, have the actor update the widget’s position onTick (do not do that in the widget) using Project World To Screen node, for example

Those 3 methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.