BehaviorTree : Service skipped


I’m having a funky behavior with the BehaviorTree.
On some rare occasions, when it Aborts a branch of the tree, and go through that same branch just a little later, the services are skipped.

I have something rather simple, my AI will move towards the player and attack when close enough. The distance is checked by a service.
If the AI is attacked while moving, it can dodge.

Now, 1 out 10 times, (1) if I attack the AI right before it attacks me (I checked that, and the task ATTACK didn’t trigger), (2) it does the dodge task, and triggers the Attack (3) right after it finishes, without going through the service to see if it’s close enough (I also checked if that was the case, and Yes, it didn’t trigger it)

If anyone has an idea… that would be much appreciated !