Behavior Trees in 4.4.3 disabled?

I am going through this tutorial on setting up AI controllers.
At one point I have to enable Behavior Trees under the “experimental” section of the editor preferences.

But the option to enable Behavior Trees is gone! How do I enable it?

Image from the tutorial.
The options as I see them.

Any help would be, y’know, helpful.


Behaviour trees are already integrated as a complete feature, you don’t have to enable them anymore

Well awesome!

But it is still unavailable to me :frowning:

If you look at this image you can see the Behavior Tree tab is grayed out.

What’s the deal with that? It won’t let me in so that I can start making trees!

It looks like you’ve just got the blackboard blueprint opened up, You still need to create the behaviour tree, check step 6.

Also I think this tutorial is more up to date: