Behavior trees doesn't work

Hi i have followed this link
i have done the same things but it doesn’t work what do i do ? did they change or update something ?
please help me

What do you mean it doesn’t work? Explain with a little more detail please. Is it not compiling? is the AI just staying there without doing nothing? is the AI not spawning? And show pictures of your blueprints too please

here i did the same things

what i means i really did exactly everything as

i don’t know if there’s bug or not

Please describe what happens when you hit play, that’s the most important piece of info I need so I can try to help you.


i have done the same things but it doesn’t work what do i do ?


what i means i really did exactly everything as

Doesn’t help me to understand the nature of your problem at all.

i’m sorry after i hit play my enemies doesn’t follow my character it’s just stand still

Ok let’s do this. In your first image you have a cast node that is not being executed. Why is that?

You can see that the Cast To Followers_AI_CON has no execute pin connected to it so it will never run that part of the code.

Now on your fourth and fifth image you show this:

Here you are doing a line trace then checking if what you hit is the same as some other actor that comes from an array of hit structs, now my question is this, when the result is true then you set the target to follow blackboard variable, however, you are not connecting anything to the Value pin so you are effectively setting the value to null, do you want this? or did you forget to connect something there?

And for your image number six

Same thing as the first one.

Thank you i have fixed it already but still doesn’t works

How did you fixed it? Show me please

here i connected the lines that i forgot
thanks for helping me

Ok good, that’s agrocheck, what about the one in RapidMoveTo?

Here thank you for have been helping me

Ok new idea. Maybe what’s happening is that your RapidMoveTo is being executed so quickly that you are not giving your AI chance to move. Check this simple patrol task I did. I bind the ReceiveMoveCompleted event to my own event so only after the move to is completed I then proceed to finish the execution of the task.

Note: A good way to debug AI is to have your behavior tree blueprint open while playing the game, unposses your character and click on your AI character to select it then go to your Behavior Tree blueprint and check what branch is being executed and how fast.

so that means the tutorial of unreal engine there’s bug or something wrong that’s why it doesn’t work am i right ?

Well remember that you had errors before, you might be missing something

anyway thank you very much for helping me