Behavior Trees and Steering Behaviors

Hello there,

I am currently working on my RTS game and wanted to switch from a FSM to behavior trees. I implemented my own steering behaviors Seek, Flee, Flocking, etc…
Now that I have read myself into behavior trees I am not quite sure how I should combine behavior trees and steering behaviors.

All I had to do till now was check in update if there was a target set, if so calculate steering force to move there.
The same would be for behavior trees but since they are not called every update how would I go about calculating the steering forces?

My BT would be like (very minimalistic just for testing)

(yes) -> Seek()
(No) -> Idle()

hmmm I still think I don’t have fully understood how the BT Tasks work. Maybe someone could help me with a little explenation.


you could check the source of BT Task MoveTo() that uses the built in navmesh pathfinder, I think it could help…