Behavior Tree: "STEPS BACK: -1"


My behavior tree is stuck as “Steps Back: -1” when I try to run it, no matter what I do.
I’ve never had this issue before. I’ve checked whether it was actually running, and the visual logger for clues.
I can not perceive any reason why it is not working…
void AEnemyController::Possess(APawn* InPawn)

UBehaviorTree* behavior = EnemyCharacter->GetBehavior();

if (behavior && behavior->BlackboardAsset)
[INDENT] Blackboard->InitializeBlackboard(*behavior->BlackboardAsset);

BehaviorComp->StartTree(*behavior, EBTExecutionMode::Looped);


UE4 Version: 4.13.1

Of course there’s actually NO information available for what having negative steps back even means… what a waste.

Did you call Super::Posses() ? ??!?!?