Behavior Tree Quick Start - MultiSphere Line Trace not working


I’ve just went though the Behavior Tree Quick Start guide a couple of times and can’t get it to work. I created it using the ThirdPerson Template. The hangup seems to be on the MultiSphereTraceForObjects node in the AgroCheck service. It simply never finds the player.

I’ve made sure to set the variables up correctly, especially the DesiredObjectType, with [0] set to pawn. The collision type of the player character is pawn also, yet it is never found. Why would this be?

As a workaround, I added a “Get All Actors of Class” for the ThirdPerson Character and then just used that information to set the variables and move the AI. This seemed to work, but why doesn’t the MultiSphereTrace work?

Edit: I noticed when running around, if I jump, the AI sometimes loses me and stops moving completely. There is no way to get him following me again.

Quickstart Guide link for reference:…art/index.html