Behavior Tree Quick Start Help

Hi guys,

I am working my way through the Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide here:

Currently on No.11 - Make a Service.

The second node looks like a ‘not equal to’.

I have no idea how to create it. There are no instructions.

Can anyone help? I am using 4.21.1

It is a ‘NotEqual’ as you already figured out. Just dragging out of the AICONRef & typing ‘not’ should bring up the NotEqual (Object) node.

‘NotEqual’ does not show up in the menu. I think I’ve got the variable ‘AI_CON_Ref’ to the wrong type.

It’s currently an Array of ‘Follower Ai Con Object’

Alright, so that’s it. Just change it back from an array to a normal variable.


I didn’t realize that you right click to toggle between an array and single variable